Hormones got the best of me..

This is my spot to complain and if you don’t like then screw off, sorry..

I’m so sick of military wives complaining about how hard they have it and how much they wish it was different, or they wish they could just get out of it.. I myself am a military wife and the day I said, “I DO” I knew exactly what I was getting into. I understood the fact that my husband and I may be apart for months on end. I understood that I times I may seem like a single mother. I knew that some things my husband has to do he may not be able to tell me. I knew that I would have to pick up and move to a completely different state one day, something out of my comfort zone, away from all of my family and friends that I knew. I know that I can’t always show my stress and worries because that will just make him stress and worry 10 times more than what he needs. So I’m sorry if I don’t show you and sympathy while your husband is away. I will be there for you when you need a friend and give you my support but like I said, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, as did you when on the day you or I got married and said, “I DO”.

My sister knew exactly what she was doing when she married her husband and I have never once seen anything so ridiculous and negative coming from her mouth. She moved to a rock and she is a much stronger woman than I am because there are somethings her and her husband have had to endure that we have not but still. I’m sick of so many military wives complaining all the time. I understand you miss him, I understand it’s hard to be a parent sometimes, but you agreed to the life you have.

A really good friend of mine has had her husband deployed three times in the past year or so, she was pregnant and gave birth to her beautiful daughter without her husband being around.. Why did she do it alone? Because she agreed that at times there may be some life events that she must do alone without her husband there because he may have to be come place else..

I have a step mother in law that has had something so terrible happen to her because of her husband being in the military. In the few years that I’ve known her I’ve never once heard her complain about it or anything. She knew what she was getting into when she married him, and understood what could possibly happen. She and her family have had to go through so much and still nothing ever gets complained about from her. She was a rock for me while Zach and I had to spend our first 6 months of marriage apart. She was the one I turned to and she simply said, “I know what you’re going through and I understand it’s hard, but it will get better and it will all be worth it in the end.” She’s amazing for what she has done and had to go through..

When I said yes to my husband I knew exactly what I was saying yes to. I wasn’t only saying yes to him but also to the Marine Corp. My sister had to say yes to the Army when she agreed to marry her husband.

It takes a strong woman to be a military wife and sometimes this job just isn’t cut out for some of us. So I understand that what you’re going through is hard and some days can seem harder than others but remember the moments you had with your loved one and think of the moments to come. Don’t sit around and be all depressed and stressed, there are things you can’t change, for instance the contract your husband signed when he enlisted. If you didn’t like the contract in the beginning then you probably should have said no..

Oh and again to anyone that reads, this is my space where I can complain so if you don’t like it please screw off. Thank you and have a GREAT day!

Little Bean in Me..

You never really know how hard pregnancy actually is until you have to go through it.. It fattens you up EVERYWHERE, not just your baby bump. You get big jiggly arms, that I like to call mom arms, a wide butt, and these huge hips come practically out of no where. Some women are lucky and as soon as they pop the kid out it all goes away, then there are those that aren’t as lucky, I have a feeling I will end up on the unlucky side. I will get to spend every waking minute working my butt off, literally, so that I don’t look like this big blob anymore. But that’s what I get to go through so that I can bring this little bundle of joy in to the world.

Speaking of bundle of joy, it’s getting bigger and hitting harder inside me currently. It’s so sweet at times and I enjoy feeling it move around, however, I do not enjoy the kidney and rib bruising, but I guess it comes with the “joys” of pregnancy.. Only 8 weeks and 5 days remaining until the due date and then I will no longer have to go through these so called “joys” of pregnancy and can possibly go back to being me, non emotional, and non mood swinging self. Oh how I can wait for those days to come back to me..